The Choices we make

In Matthew 27: 17 Pilate speaks to the crowd and asks them, " Who must I release to you, Barabbas or Jesus which is called Christ" In the trial of Jesus, many people where forced to make a choice. Pilate, the Pharisees, the Crowd, and Jesus where faced with choices they had to make. Jesus made his choice to obey the Father, and remained silent. Pilate was indecisive, but eventually made the choice to hand Jesus over to be crucified. The Pharisees were clear in their choice. They wanted Jesus destroyed. The crowd made their choice, and cried: "let his blood be on us and the heads of our children".

Everyday we are faced with choices, and through the choices we make, two things happen, we either come closer to God or we move further away from God. As Christians we need to make choices that are in keeping with the guidance that is found in the Bible. People sometimes say, "the devil made me do it" This is nonsense, the choices we make are up to us, we can either choose to subject ourselves to the power of darkness, or to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God has granted the human race 1 right, and that is the right to choose. If we have no choice, then love would not be in the world. Our relationship with God is a love relationship, it is not a relationship of fear. For a love to exist between two parties, the right to choose is key. We need to ask God to help us to choose wisely in our daily walk, as every choice we make also has a consequence. May we always choose life.

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