The Compassion of Christ

Mark 1 : 40, 41 

In Mark 1: 40, a man with leprosy falls down at the feet of Jesus and says to Jesus. " If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean,"  The bible says that Jesus looked at him and was moved with compassion, and then put forth his hand and healed the man. There is no doubt in the hearts of most people that Christ has the power to heal and to give solutions to unsolvable problems. The other day a young man said to me that we don't even have to pray, because God will help. This is not so, and reflects the attitude of many people today, and that is, we assume that God will help no matter what. We need to get to the place of the leprous man, and get our hearts and minds right in order to STIR UP THE COMPASSION of God when he looks at us. We need to understand that God does not HAVE TO. When God helps, it is because He want's to. Stirring up the compassion of God is a sure way of recieving God's help in your problem.  We surely cannot earn God's miracle, but by adopting the right attitude, God will give us a lot of lattitude. Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ.

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