Yes! I Want Jesus Christ in My Life

If you have decided that you want to heed the call of God, and invite Jesus Christ into your heart, then you need to pray this prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, I have come to realize that I am lost and without hope. My sin separates me from your love. I acknowledge that you are the Son of God and that you lived the life of a human being, was crucified for my sin, died and then arose on the third day. I accept that without you I am lost for all eternity.

I ask you to please forgive me of my wickedness and sin. I give you my heart and life from this moment forward. Will you please enter into my heart and become Lord of my life. I accept you this moment as my personal Saviour.

Please write my name in the Book of Life. I want to thank you for saving me. I forsake all my sinful ways and will serve you from this day forward. Thank you for what you have done for me.


Congratulations! You are now a child of the Living God. You now need to find a church that will take care of you and help you in your spiritual walk. Take this matter to the Lord in prayer, that He will guide you to the church of His choice.

If you have prayed this prayer let us know as we would like to know to encourage you and send you some literature to help you on your way.

YES! I want Jesus - Please let us know if you would like to, or have committed your life to the Lord.

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  2. We Are Sinful
  3. Sin Has a Penalty
  4. Christ Has Paid for Our Penalty
  5. Salvation Is a Free Gift
  6. Christ Is at Your Heart’s Door
  7. You Must Receive Him
  8. Yes! I Want Jesus Christ in My Life

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